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What is PH Balance and why is it important for my hair and skin?

You need to make sure that the products you use are ph-balanced, as this can mean the difference between dry, dull hair or healthy, shiny hair.


If, for example, Your shampoo has the wrong pH balance, it can remove the hair's natural oils and dry it further.


Although most of the products you find in the stores today are ph-balanced, it is still important that you understand what this means and how it affects your hair.


The Ph balance is measured from 0-14.

Where O is acidic, 14 is alkaline and 7 is neutral.


Water has a pH value of 7.


Hair has a acidic value around 4  and skin has a value around 5.


So to keep your hair healthy the shampoo should be around 5.


Raw Roots liquid shampoo and styling products have a ph level between 4 - 5.5

The shampoo bars have a high ph around 8 - 9 so we recomend using ACV herbal rinse to neutralize after washing.

Can i still use high PH Products as Castille and Dreadlock shampoos?

Castille shampoo and sapofied shampoos have a high ph value around 9-10.

If you use these kind of natural based products you should regular rinse your hair with a vinegar and water soloution to get the right balance and protect your hair and scalp from drying out.


The ACV Herbal rinse is perfect for keeping the right ph level in your hair and scalp after washing with a castille soap or soap bar.



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