Why are the Raw Roots products especially great for dreadlocks?

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Why are the Raw Roots products especially great for dreadlocks?

Raw Root's hair Shampoo and dreadlock products are water-based and easily rinsed out with water.
This means they do not leave residue/accumulation on the hair.


So whether you have dreadlocks or not, your hair will not be weighed down by the products and your dreadlocks will not contain any oil, fat or silicones that cannot be cleansed.


A little about residue
Residue can be any care substance that is not absorbed by the hair, but it will leave a membrane on the outside of the hair and overtime the hair becomes dull and heavy.
If you have dreadlocks, this grease gets trapped inside your dreadlocks and it becomes difficult to dry and in the worst case result in fungus or bad smell.


With repeated use, it accumulates more and more and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to remove again.


Residue on scalp and hair is also the biggest issue for scalp problems and hair loss, as accumulation on the scalp will stop the scalp from breathing and thereby dying the hair roots.


A shampoo should wash the hair clean and then you can add care products afterwards. Care ingredients as silcone and non emulgated oils wich will not be rinsed out with water should NOT be an ingredient in shampoo as the hair will never be clean and free from build-up.


If you are in doubt whether your hair is free from accumulation or not I would recomend you to do a deep cleanse, I have developed a detox kit that effectively removes residue and cleanses your hair from impurities. It can be used for both dreadlocks and non-dreaded hair.

Find it here: Detox Kit

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