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What are Dreadlock Extensions

Hvilken type Dreadlock Extensions skal jeg vælge?

Dreadlock extensions refer to pre-made dreadlocks that are added to your natural hair to add length, volume or change the look. These extensions can be made of synthetic hair or real human hair. Extensions come in different colors, textures and thicknesses to match different hair types and preferences.

Many choose dreadlock extensions as an alternative to waiting for their natural hair to grow long. It can also be a temporary solution for those who want to experiment with dreadlocks without it being a permanent choice, here extensions are braided into your own hair. Extensions can come in the following types: open ended, single ended and double ended.

Single and double ended

The extensions we choose as a temporary solution can be in materials such as synthetic, wool and real hair. They come either as single ended or double ended. Single ended has a loop which makes it possible to apply extensions by pulling your own hair through and attaching it by braiding. Double ended extensions have two ends, therefore you braid your hair tuft in the middle of your extension, and therefore have two dreadlocks in one.

It is important to mention that dreadlock extensions of real hair give a nice result when they are braided in, but maintenance similar to real dreads. They give you the option of putting them in extensions of your own hair after being braided in if you want to have dreadlocks made as a permanent hairstyle.

Open ended

To get dreadlock extensions as an extension of your own dreadlocks, you can either choose to install them using a crochet hook or seek help from a professional hairdresser with experience in dreadlocks. Here, extensions of real hair with loose ends are used, so that this loose hair can be integrated into one's own dreadlock, by making knots and shaping it.

Extension as accessories

Many use extensions to create more volume and play with colors, by attaching them to their own dreadlocks, not as an extension, but as extra fullness. This is done in many ways, including with elastics and clips.

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