Our Packaging

It is very important to us that our packaging is sustainable. That is why we have chosen that our products should be wrapped in packaging that is produced in a nature-friendly way.

When you receive our products, you will notice that they are either produced in 100% recycled plastic, or in glass containers. In addition, you will also find details made of bamboo.

The boxes you receive our packages in are FSC certified, and our packing tape is made of paper, rather than the classic plastic variety.


In the office

On the other side of the shop, in the office, we use 'Climate paper', which means that every time we buy printer paper, new trees are planted, as a replacement for the trees that were used to produce the paper we bought. A pretty great solution.



Recycling or upcycling

Instead of just throwing the packaging in the waste, we recommend that you recycle it in a more fun and convenient way. 


The small glass containers that our soy candles and skincare products are delivered in, are ideal for small storage, such as jewelry or medicine you have in your bag. They can also easily be used for the children's room, for example for playdough or beads.


The bottles from our skincare and haircare lines can be reused when you buy in bulk, for example, dishwashing detergent and hand soap. They can be refilled, so you save the environment from the waste, but at the same time, it looks great on the table.