Eco Soy Candles with Grounding Scent 160 ML

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Handmade Soy Candle with a mild and Grounding scent of Nag champa which is a blend of Frangi Pani, Sandalwood and a hint of Patchouli.
The wick is made of wood and gives a faint pulsating sound.

Sustainably made of 100% natural and GMO-free soy.

Mild and comfortable scent of pure and organic essential oils.
Handmade and sustainable soy candle of 100% natural and GMO-free soy.
Our wonderful Soy Candles have a long burning time and do not contain any petrochemicals, phthalates, or other harmful substances.
The Soy is produced at a family business in the UK and formulated from materials whose refining history is fully traceable.
  • When burning Soy wax, significantly fewer particles are emitted than when burning traditional candles.
  • When burning Soy Candles, no harmful substances are released such as benzene and toluene.
  • The cleaning up is easy. Spilled soy wax is easily wiped away with a damp rag.
  • The flame burns smoothly and clean and has a beautiful and warm glow.
  • Soy Candles produces far less soot than traditional light.
  • Soy Candles are produced from renewable resources and are biodegradable, which means they are naturally broken down in nature.

Try the 2 different scents:
Relaxing - Relax to the smell of soothing lavender, geranium, and sweet orange.
Grounding - Immersive and earthy scent of nag champa, a mix of sandalwood, temple blooms, and patchouli.


Soy Wax*, Essential Oils from Sandalvood, Tempel Flower and Pachouli*. * = Organic.

Size 160 ML
Key Ingredients Soy Wax*, Essential Oils from Sandalvood, Tempel Flower and Pachouli*. * = Organic.

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