Sisal Exfoliating Pouch for Soap

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Pouch made from natural fibers.

Use the pouch as an exfoliating washcloth/pouch for your soap bar or soap pieces and mix your favorite scents in the pouch.

Pouch made of natural fibers from Sisal/Ramie.
Use the pouch as an exfoliating washcloth/bag for your soap bars or smaller soap pieces, and mix your favorite scents in the bag.

The pouch is also excellent for storing soaps, the RAW ROOTs soap bars fit perfectly into them.

Put one soap bar or several soap bar-leftovers in the pouch.
Add water and foam the bag.
The bag can now be used for washing and exfoliating the skin.

After use:
Your skin becomes nicely soft and exfoliated after using the sisal bag and it becomes even more ready to receive creams and oils.
We recommend one of our organic creams such as Body Creme with Macademia & Coconut or the wonderful Lush Oil Shot, both of which are very moisturizing.

Material Plant fibers from Sisal-Agave/Ramie
Size 14 x 10 cm / 5.5" x 3.5"

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