Natural Lava Pumice Stone

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Sustainable, efficient and natural foot stone of lava rock.
Gently removes hard and dry skin.
Long shelf life as it never loses its efficiency or shape.

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Natural black Lava Pumice Stone for foot care.

This wonderful lava stone fits well in the hand and provides a good grip when you need to remove dead or hard skin on your heels.

Due to the properties of the pumice stone, it never loses its shape or mass, and can, therefore, last for a really long time.

Wet your feet so that your skin on the heels becomes soft.
Now rub the pumice stone on the skin, that you want to be removed.
Be careful not to rub too hard.

Always clean the stone after use, preferably with a small brush that can get into the small holes in the lava stone.
NB! The stone can be also be boiled in water for 5 minutes if it needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Material Natural Lava Pumice stone
Size Approximately 100 G

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