The mission behind Raw Roots is simple, understand your ingredients list!

Founder of Raw Roots

My name is Lisa and I started Raw Roots because I had a hard time finding good, natural and organic cosmetics where the content could be trusted.
After reading several ingredient lists, it dawned on me how little natural content actually exists in our skincare and how much chemistry we expose our skin and hair to each and every day.
Raw Roots are pure organic hair and beauty products based on plant extracts that are extracted for their active and healing properties.




Away from dangerous chemistry and in with the plants.

As a trained hairdresser, I have some knowledge of hair and scalp as you learn about the skin and the structure of the hair during training. After many years in the profession, I have seen how many have skin problems and it is often coursed by the products that are used.
I decided to go for a course and learn how to make soap, shampoo and skin care from scratch, so there is no compromise between effect and content.
Plants used for medicine and their funtion on skin and hair I have also taken courses in and learned a lot about. When you first start with nature's treasury, it is fantastic what we have of herbs, flowers and plants that can cure just about anything, they just need to be used.



From kitchen recipes to hair and skincare.

When you have children you become more aware of chemistry and skin care, I did anyway. And there began my journey into a universe of hair and skincare products.
I started out by mixing products in the kitchen, it was later replaced with a pavilion, set up as a laboratory.
Friends and family (not animals, of course) tested the home-stirred products and had no doubt about the difference from what they were used to.
The demand rose from few products to now having dealers and products all over the world.
It is great to be able to help people who have had problems with the scalp or skin for many years and who, after using my products, have a completely normal skin.
I can't conjure, but switching from commercial products to using natural plant-based products has a big and noticeable significance.


Ingredients to understand!

For me, it is important to see and know what the products contain. There is nothing hidden behind chemical and long names.
The ingredient lists are understandable to everyone but even though the ingredients are natural they can however have a chemical name, if this is the case then the ingredient is subsequently described in (parentheses).



Quality and content of active substances

Raw Roots Products has a high content of natural active ingredients.
As mentioned before, I do not compromise on quality, function and the price of the products.
All RAW ROOT's Products have a high content of active substances that make the products effective and concentrated.
For me, it's not about taking a high price, but helping people with their skin and hair. I'd rather offer a low price so everyone can afford it and become happy returning customers.



Everything is Handmade in Denmark.

All my products are handmade in small batches in one of our labs.
I would like to have a lot of beautiful certifications but as these cost a fortune, I would rather use this budget to develop and improve products.
But I can guarantee that all RAW ROOTs are Vegan, Cruelty free and as natural and organic as possible.