What is mature skin and how to care for it.

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What is mature skin and how to care for it.

What is Mature Skin?

Wrinkles, altered pigmentation and decreased firmness of skin are classic signs of skin aging.
This is what we typically call mature skin. Aging of the skin is to some extent inevitable, but the extent can be both genetically conditioned and caused by environmental or lifestyle influences.


However, the symptoms are the same: your skin loses its firmness and elasticity and will often appear dehydrated. Age signs may occur in all areas of the face, but it will often first appear around the eyes and mouth.


In some, the skin aging process can begin as early as the 20s, so anti-age creams are not only for mature skin but can be used to prevent aging and protect the skin.

However, a mature skin can both be prevented and treated with the right skin care products. That is why at Raw Roots I have developed mature skincare that meets the specific needs of this skin type.


Our creams are good for all skin types but for mature skin we recommend our
Face cream with Pomegranate oil and Sea buckthorn


Pomegranate oil which has a very high content of antioxidants and stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin.
As the collagen over the years becomes less and less natural in the skin, and is the substance that makes the skin appear elastic and young, the oil will have a very regenerating and firming effect.


Sea buckthorn oil has astrong orange colour and the reason for the golden color in our face cream.
The strong orange color indicates, a very high content of Carotenides, which makes it extremely cell-regenerating - bacterial and a good antioxidant.
The high natural content of carotenoids also makes it suitable as a sun protection as it both accustomed the skin to better withstand the sun and provides protection.

However, it is used in our cream for its anti-wrinkle effect, cell renewal effect and for its effect on healing skin that has suffered sun damage or dying with wounds and eczema.
Furthermore, it has an antibacterial function.

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