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Knitpro Crochet hookKnitpro Crochet hook
Knitpro Crochet hook Sale price39,00 kr
Crochet hook with bamboo handleCrochet hook with bamboo handle
Crochet hook with bamboo handle Sale priceFrom 39,00 kr
Bamboo Crochet Hook SetBamboo Crochet Hook Set
Bamboo Crochet Hook Set Sale price159,00 kr
Pointed Dreading Crochet Hook BambooPointed Dreading Crochet Hook Bamboo
Pointed Dreading Crochet Hook Bamboo Sale priceFrom 59,00 kr
Fine-toothed Bamboo Dreadlock CombFine-toothed Bamboo Dreadlock Comb
Bamboo Dreadlock CombBamboo Dreadlock Comb
Bamboo Dreadlock Comb Sale price89,00 kr
Dreadlock Bamboo Tool KitDreadlock Bamboo Tool Kit
Dreadlock Bamboo Tool Kit Sale price295,00 kr
Dreadlock Multi ToolDreadlock Multi Tool
Dreadlock Multi Tool Sale price89,00 kr
Quick Beader/Extensions Tool 3 pcs.Quick Beader/Extensions Tool 3 pcs.
Interlocking ToolInterlocking Tool
Interlocking Tool Sale price49,00 kr
Interlocking Tool Set 3 pcs.Interlocking Tool Set 3 pcs.
Interlocking Tool Set 3 pcs. Sale price95,00 kr
Natural Latex Rubber BandsNatural Latex Rubber Bands
Natural Latex Rubber Bands Sale price25,00 kr
Metal Hair Clips - Set of 5Metal Hair Clips - Set of 5
Metal Hair Clips - Set of 5 Sale price39,00 kr
Crocodile Hair Clip - 3 pcsCrocodile Hair Clip - 3 pcs
Crocodile Hair Clip - 3 pcs Sale price49,00 kr
Spray BottleSpray Bottle
Spray Bottle Sale price39,00 kr
Steel Rat Tail CombSteel Rat Tail Comb
Steel Rat Tail Comb Sale price59,00 kr