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- Natural dread care crafted by dreadheads

Natural Dread Care

Pure and natural products with safe and transparent ingredients

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Each year, a portion of our profits go to support various charitable causes

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Are you looking to have your dreadlocks made or repaired by a professional dreadlock stylist? Then you've come to the right place! We are experts with many years of experience in creating dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions.

Additionally, we also provide guidance on how to best care for and maintain your dreadlocks.

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We collaborate with other dread shops and salons in Denmark and Europe.

Where can I get dreadlocks done?

Our DreadHeadStudio is located in Engesvang, Denmark. Its easy to get to us by train or car.

Are you looking for a local Loctician in your area we do collaborate with serval salons.

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We collaborate with Salons and Dread shops worldwide

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Macrame Dread WrapMacrame Dread Wrap
Macrame Dread Wrap Sale price249,00 kr
Dread Decoration SetDread Decoration Set
Dread Decoration Set Sale price149,00 kr
Macrame Dread Bead Jewelry SetMacrame Dread Bead Jewelry Set
Macrame Dread Bead Jewelry Set Sale price149,00 kr

Meet the woman behind

My name is Lisa, I am the entrepreneur behind RAW ROOTs.

It all began in 2006 when I embarked on the journey of creating my own dreadlocks. My first attempts weren't entirely successful, and it led me to experiment with my own tools and products in the hope of maintaining the perfect texture.

Frustrated by the lack of information and sustainable options for dreadlocks care products, I decided to establish Dreadheads and later develop the RAW ROOTs product line.

Based on my experience as a trained hairdresser since 1999, I understand the importance of hair and skin care. Knowing that these elements must last a lifetime, I have selected an assortment of all-natural products for dreadlocks, designed to protect both the hair and tailored to the unique needs of dreadlocks.

Inspired by nature, travel and alternative festivals, I carefully select each product in the RAW ROOTs range. We prioritize organic and natural ingredients and maintain a focus on sustainability.

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