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Natural and sulfate free shampoo with organic ingredients

Shampoo without sulfates lowers the risk of skin problems.

A lot of people walk around with skin problems on the scalp due to hair products that contain dangerous chemicals. You can get rid of many skin problems, just by switching to an organic and vegan shampoo without sulfates, like these from RAW ROOTs. All products from RAW ROOTs are handmade, and the entire series is carefully thought out, so that nature and ingredients come together and make something wonderful and sustainable.

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Are you experiencing itchy scalp, and issues with dandruff from your hair or beard? it may be because of your hair products. 

In my career, before RAW ROOTs, as a trained hairdresser, I have met a lot of people with skin problems. They can often be traced back to the products they put in the hair. The fact is, that many conventional hair products dry out the scalp and cause skin issues - among other things because they contain sulfates. This is where sulfate-free shampoo can make a huge difference to your skin, your hair, and your overall well-being.
"But what are sulfates?" you might be thinking. Sulfates (also known as SLS and SLES) are a chemical sulfur compound that you can find in products like dishwashing detergent, amongst other things. It is meant to dissolve all kinds of fats - that also includes the natural fat layer that you have on the scalp. But it is important to have this natural barrier to protect the scalp and keep it moist so that your skin and hair do not dry out. 

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Nature is a treasure trove filled with flowers, herbs, and plants that can act as medicine for skin problems. This is the basic idea behind all RAW ROOTs products, including the sulfate-free shampoos. This also applies to the rest of the haircare products, skincare products, and wonderfully smelling soy candles from RAW ROOTs. All products are handmade, and the entire series is carefully thought out, so that nature and ingredients come together and make something wonderful and sustainable.

You can pronounce all the ingredients in the sulfate-free shampoo

RAW ROOTs' sulfate-free shampoo, and all the other products, are completely free of harmful chemicals. Instead, they are based on glycosides from coconut and sugar. The glycosides are much milder for the scalp, so you keep the natural fat layer. In addition, emollients such as extracts of chamomile, lavender, and marigold, and moisturizing ingredients such as extract of beet and corn. The products are completely free of sulfates, parabens, SLSs, artificial fragrances and colors, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, mineral oils, palm oil and phenoxyethanol, PEG, and Pentylene glycol. RAW ROOTs try as much as possible to use only organic ingredients, but where that is not possible, natural and sustainable alternatives are used. This means that all products in the range are vegan.
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If you read the back label on the bottle of our sulfate free shampoo, all the ingredients are understandable. That is something, more often than not, you cannot do with conventional shampoos, where long chemical names make up the majority of the ingredient list, and they are difficult to decipher if you aren't a professional. At RAW ROOTs, it is easy for you to understand what the products consist of. Plant-based ingredients may, however, also have a chemical name - But they are explained in parentheses. If you ever are in doubt, you can always look up the ingredients on the ingredient list.

Try a soap bar and do something good for yourself and the environment

Many of us are used to washing our hair with liquid shampoo, but it can actually be a huge benefit using a soap bar instead. It is good for your hair, your scalp, and the environment since it leaves Zero waste. RAW ROOTs has developed three organic soap bars - Greenie Genie, Muddy Luxury, and Simply Calm. They are made in the old-fashioned way that has been used for many years. It is a really good and natural way to wash your hair.
You massage the soap bar around the scalp and let it foam up. When it starts to foam, pull the soap out into the lengths of your hair. That way, you only use the exact amount of soap you need, instead of having to guess how much soap you need out of a bottle. In addition to not rinsing a lot of excess soap down the drain, you also avoid having to throw out single use plastic bottles - and that is really good for the environment.

Do you have dreadlocks? Then you have come to the right place

In many conventional hair products, you will find emollients such as silicone and unemulsified oils, also called residues, that make the hair feel softer. But in reality, it is a membrane that lies on the outside of the hair and over time will make it dull and heavy. If you have dreadlocks, it is very important that you check if your hair products contain residues.

The emollients accumulate inside your dreadlocks, and it is incredibly difficult - if not impossible - to rinse out. Over time, your dreadlocks may start to smell bad and there is a risk of fungus forming inside them. Residue is also the biggest culprit in terms of skin problems and hair loss, as the accumulation on the scalp will block oxygen, thereby killing the hair roots. RAW ROOTs' sulfate-free shampoo and the rest of the haircare range are completely water based and are easily rinsed out. This means that none of the products contain residues, and they are therefore perfect for dreadlocks, and natural hair.