Hydrating Dreadlock Shampoo

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Certified Vegan

Natural ingredients

Green salon approved

Handmade in Denmark

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Reviewed by Heidi Sørensen

This shampoo is a must for me!! I wash my hair every day and need a mild and natural shampoo for this reason. And here this one is perfect. I have a little uneasiness in my scalp, which the shampoo usually clears.

Reviewed by Christian

Perfect for curls and delicate scalp
I have always used sanex's anti-separation variant, and I quickly got separation in the periods I did not use it. Now I've switched to this one and haven't had any problems with split ends at all. In addition, my curls have become nicer because there is no sulfate in this shampoo. It gives a nicer result with natural curl.

Reviewed by Eli

Best shampoo for dreadlocks
Probably one of the best shampoos I've tried so far...highly recommended

Key Ingredients

Corn & Beet Extract

The potent blend of hydrolyzed corn starch and beetroot extract creates a formidable duo in hair care, serving as an effective moisture enhancer. This dynamic combination uniquely enhances the skin's innate moisture equilibrium, delivering both instant and enduring hydration. This plays a crucial role in sustaining a nourished and well-moisturized scalp, while also enhancing the overall structure and radiance of the hair.

Organic Flower Extract

The combination of Chamomile, Lavender, and Marigold extracts creates a potent blend that not only nurtures the hair but also encourages a well-balanced and healthy scalp. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this mixture aids in soothing and maintaining scalp health.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar contains acids and enzymes that aid in maintaining the scalp's pH balance, diminishing itching and dandruff. Serving as a natural conditioner, it enhances hair texture, leaving it soft and glossy. Moreover, it is effective in eliminating product residue and build-up from the hair.

Organic Essential Oils

The inclusion of geranium oil, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil provides indispensable advantages for hair maintenance. Geranium oil offers a calming effect on the scalp, rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, and eucalyptus oil purifies and revitalizes. When combined, these oils contribute to a more nourished scalp and promote the development of stronger, glossier hair. Additionally, their aromatic essence enhances the overall experience with a delightful touch of aromatherapy.

Developed for dreadlocks

RAW ROOTs is specifically designed for dreadlocks and sensitive scalps. All our products are residue-free, meaning they differ from conventional hair products by not containing softening ingredients such as conditioner, silicone, and wax, which cannot be rinsed out with water and therefore accumulate in the hair. Our shampoo gently and naturally cleanses the hair without drying it out or the scalp, leaving no greasy residue in your dreadlocks or hair.

If you suffer from dry hair, we recommend using our Refreshing Spray or Oil after washing for extra moisture and care.

Based on organic herbs

All products are handmade, and all recipes are carefully crafted to harmonize nature and content seamlessly. I have personally created each recipe from scratch using my expertise in hair care and natural medicine. I strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible, and when not feasible, I opt for natural and sustainable alternatives.

Our packaging is also meticulously considered to minimize environmental impact as much as possible. Therefore, we use materials such as paper, glass, and 100% recycled plastic for our products.

Understandable Ingredients

For me, it is crucial that everyone can understand what our products contain. I place great emphasis on using few but effective natural ingredients, but sometimes it's difficult to avoid the chemical terms, even if it's a natural ingredient. Additionally, all our products are pH-balanced, as this can make the difference between dry, lifeless hair and healthy, shiny hair. For example, if your shampoo has the wrong pH balance, it can strip the hair of its natural oils and further dry it out.

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