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What is PH Balance and why is it important?

Hvad er PH Balance og hvorfor er det vigtigt?

You need to make sure the products you use are ph balanced as this can mean the difference between dry, dull hair or healthy, shiny hair.

If, for example, your shampoo has the wrong ph balance, it can strip the hair of its natural oils and dry it out further.

Although most products found in stores today are ph balanced, it is still important that you understand what this means and how it affects your hair.

Ph content is measured from 0-14 .

Where O is acidic, 14 is alkaline, and 7 is neutral.

Water has a ph value of 7 .

Lemon juice is acidic, and normally has a ph value of around 2 .

Hair relaxer is alkaline, and usually has a ph value of around 13 .

Hair has a relatively acidic ph value Normally hair has a ph value of around 4.5-5.5 .

When the hair comes into contact with water, the water's neutral ph value causes the  outermost layer of the hair strands to rise. This opens up the hair strand so that water can penetrate and provide moisture to the hair.

Shampoo and conditioner with the right ph value help regulate and maintain the hair's correct acidic ph value of 4.5-5.5 .

A ph value for the hair on one side or the other can cause damage to your hair

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