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Dreadhead Studio

Are you looking to have your dreadlocks made or repaired by a professional dreadlock stylist? Then you've come to the right place! We are experts with many years of experience in creating dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions.

Experts in dreadlocks

We are locticians with many years of experience in making dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions - and we love to help you with how to take care for your new and mature dreadlocks.

Where do you find us?

Our dreadlock studio is located in the city Engesvang in Denmark. With the train and highway nearby, it doesn't matter where you come from, you can easily get here by public transport or car.

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I've always been the girl with the wild hair ever since I was a kid. Therefore, dreadlocks came to me as a completely impractical solution to a problem. At the same time, I think dreadlocks are wildly beautiful and fascinating, it requires patience and an acceptance of the journey it is.

Hair has always been a passion of mine, now I have been doing Dreadlocks since 2016 on many different heads. When I stand with my hair in my hands, it's completely meditative for me. At the same time, it's fantastic to meet people who are as different as dreadlocks, and here in the shop there is room for silence and conversation.


Elsa is among the best in her profession, Elsa is good at taking as a starting point the wishes of each individual customer and the type of hair sitting in the chair. You are in safe hands with Elsa.


About a year ago I started my dreadlocks journey at Raw Roots and it truly changed my life. When I got braided dreadlock extensions in my hair, I finally felt like I found myself again. It was as if I could begin to rebuild myself and rediscover my true identity and passions. My long dreadlocks, now a permanent part of me, are a constant reminder of the journey I've been through and how even the slightest change in our appearance can have a big impact on our self-image.

I am passionate about helping others go through similar transformations.


Maria learns incredibly quickly and after attending dreadlock courses and receiving training in the salon with Elsa, she is ready to help you with your wishes. Her ability to understand and feel what you want is amazing. She helps turn your wishes into reality and makes you feel safe and satisfied with your appearance.


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Dreadlock FAQ

Preparation for Dreadlocks

You've decided on Dreadlocks, and it's a fantastic journey you're about to embark on. Before you can get started, there is a bit of preparation, we recommend as a starting point that the hair is a...