Get to know us

The team at Raw Roots is a beautiful close-knit group of dedicated individuals who share a passion for natural beauty, dreadlocks and sustainability.

We represent a broad spectrum of expertise and with very different backgrounds working together towards a common goal of delivering quality products and good service to all our customers.


Founder, owner and day-to-day manager of RAW ROOTs. The shop's idea maker and problem breaker.


Graphic Designer and photographer. Malthe ensures that all our graphic material is up to date.


Student within Digital Trade Business to Business. Responsible for our So-Me, marketing and product photography.


Keeps the warehouse in order, creates good customer experiences by packing the orders so that they arrive safely.


Our Loctitian in the Studio and making magic by creating the most beautiful and unique dreadlocks.


Loctician and creative soul. She is good at feeling exactly how you want to express your style.