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Are RAW ROOT's products only for dreadlocks?

Er RAW ROOTs produkter kun til dreadlocks?

No, our products can easily be used on normal hair.

The difference between dreadlock products and commercial hair products is that dreadlock products are specially developed for dreadlocks. That is that they are residue free (does not leave accumulating ingredients on the hair), are easily rinsed out with water, they therefore do not contain silicone, conditioners etc. which soften and smooth the hair. Find residue free shampoo here.

The advantage of using dreadlock products in normal hair is that it does not make the hair heavy and greasy, and it helps against various scalp problems completely naturally, without all the chemicals.

Use e.g. tightening sprays in normal hair as volume/salt water spray.

Use tightening Gel - Aloe Manuka to hug curly hair. It provides natural hold and care.

Conditioning sprays and oils can be used for dry ends and as a hair treatment.

Lock powders can be used as dry shampoo. Sprinkle over the hair and massage into the scalp. Gives volume and removes greasiness.

Dreadlock products can therefore be used with advantage in normal straight hair as well, just as well as in dreadlocks.

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