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Bedste Dread shampoo? - Hvilken shampoo passer bedst til dine dreadlocks?

Dreadlock Care 101: A Complete Guide to Shampooing and Washing

Often the first challenge is the basic question: How do I wash my dreads and which shampoo should I use? Follow our guide that explores key aspects of choosing shampoo and the process of washing your dreadlocks.

Choice of Shampoo: Naturalness is the Key

Embarking on your dreadlock journey begins with the initial challenge of selecting the right shampoo. Prioritize a natural approach, as it aligns seamlessly with the maturation of your dreadlocks, providing essential nourishment to both your hair and scalp. Steer clear of chemical fillers that merely mask the hair's condition, and opt for products that genuinely nurture and moisturize.

Why switch shampoos when starting your dreadlock journey?

We recommend switching to a natural dreadlock shampoo that matches your scalp's needs. Also reduce the frequency of hair washing to prepare the hair and scalp for changes.

Understanding pH: The Secret Ingredient

The scalp's acidity plays a vital role since the pH level influences hair behavior. Tap water maintains a neutral pH of 7, whereas typical hair registers a pH range of 4.5 to 5.5. Selecting a shampoo aligned with your scalp's condition is essential, as a shampoo with an elevated pH can lift the hair cuticle, providing volume but potentially leading to dryness.

Choice of shampoo

1. Normal Scalp:

Your scalp is fine, it thrives for the most part, there are no big fluctuations. It does not react violently to wind and weather. Lucky you! If you are here, you can choose freely between RAW ROOT's products. But here we come with our recommendations:

RAW ROOT's Greenie Genie Dreadlock Soap Bar: We recommend this especially for young dreadlocks , the soap has added Himalayan salt which provides minerals to the skin and helps tighten and maintain dreadlocks. Contains Hemp Oil, Neem and Stinging Nettle which strengthens hair and scalp, prevents greasy dandruff and other scalp problems.

RAW ROOTs Castile Dreadlock Soap: It is a natural soap based on organic coconut and olive oil, it can be used all over the body and when shaving. It has a high ph value, which acts as a cleanser and removes grease, but if you have a problematic scalp, we recommend that you use a shampoo with a lower ph value.

2. Oily Scalp:

If your scalp has a tendency to generate excessive oil, your recently cleansed hair may swiftly form clumps, appearing shiny and greasy. This reaction is often triggered by external elements like wind and weather, with hormonal influences also contributing to heightened sebum production. Sebum serves as the scalp's natural defense against dryness, consisting of fats and dead skin cells. The surplus production can manifest as oily dandruff flakes. Fortunately, assistance is available for your scalp!

RAW ROOTs Herbal Cleanser Dreadlock Shampoo: This shampoo with natural plant extracts that soothes the scalp, has a low ph value that can relieve irritation and itching. Gently counteracts dandruff and helps regulate oil production.

RAW ROOTs Greenie Genie Dreadlock Soap Bar: Dene soap bar can definitely be recommended here as well. Organic essential oils from Tea tree, Mint and Lemongrass have a cleansing, antiseptic and anti-itch effect.

3. Dry and Sensitive Scalp:

A sensitive scalp may react with dryness, irritation or itching. The scalp, like our skin, is a complex organ, some have more sensitive scalps than others. For this delicate and sensitive scalp, we recommend:

RAW ROOTs Muddy Luxury Dreadlock Soap Bar: Contains jojoba and cocoa butter that cares for dry and exposed scalp. The soap bar is based on clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the soap cleans naturally and gently so that skin and hair retain their elasticity and suppleness. Geranium Rosemary and patchouli stimulate the scalp while it has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates hair growth.

RAW ROOTs Simply Calm Dreadlock Soap Bar: This is a very mild shampoo bar. It is based on flower extracts of Chamomile, Marigold and Lavender, gently cares for sensitivity and delicacy. Has a soothing effect on irritated skin.

RAW ROOTs Hydrating Dreadlock: Has a ph value close to that of the scalp and therefore maintains the natural balance. Hydrolyzed corn and beet extract provide moisture that revives dry and damaged hair. Plant extracts of Lavender, Marigold, Rosemary and Eucalyptus relieve itching and irritated dry scalp. Antiseptic and counteracts fungus and bacteria.

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