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Dreadlocks: En Rejse gennem Historien og Kulturen af Filtreret Hår.
Dreadlock FAQ

What are dreadlocks

Dreadlocks: A Journey Through the History and Culture of Dreadlocks Dreadlocks, known for their distinctive dense and braided appearance, have a fascinating history that spans many cu...

Dreadlock FAQHvad er Partial Dreadlocks

What is Partial Dreadlocks

Partial Dreadlocks: A Unique Fusion of Style and Versatility Let's explore what partial dreadlocks are all about and how you can rock this unique combination of loose hair and dreadl...

Dreadlock FAQDe 4 dreadlock faser - En rejse fra nye til modne dreads

The 4 stages - From new to mature dreadlocks

The 4 Phases of Dreadlocks - A Journey from New to Mature Embarking on the adventure of dreadlocks is a journey and a process. A journey through four unique phases that transform loo...

Dreadlock FAQUltimativ Guide: Alt du behøver at vide før du får lavet dreadlocks

Preparation for Dreadlocks

You've decided on Dreadlocks, and it's a fantastic journey you're about to embark on. Before you can get started, there is a bit of preparation, we recommend as a starting point that the hair is a...

Dreadlock FAQHvordan laver man Dreadlocks

How to make Dreadlocks

There are many ways to make Dreadlocks, there are different techniques that we will also describe in the section here. At the same time, all heads are different, with whorls and hair types so no me...

Dreadlock FAQHemmeligheden bag Perfekte Dreadlock Ender: En Trin-for-Trin Guide

How to tighten the tips

  Guide to Perfect Dreadlock Ends: Tightening Step-by-Step If you want to keep the round and stubby ends, regular tip tightening is the key to a well-groomed look. Let's explore a step-by-step...

Dreadlock FAQOptimal Dreadlock Vedligehold: Fra baby dreads til Modne dreadlocks

How do I maintain my dreadlocks?

The amount of maintenance depends on where in the process you and your dreadlocks are, read more about this in "The 4 phases". Like everything else in life, your dreadlocks initially need some care...

Dreadlock FAQHvordan bruger man hæklenål til dreadlocks

How to use a crochet hook for dreadlocks

So what does it mean to crochet dreadlocks? People have started to use small crochet hooks to work with dreadlocks. The techniques used are called "crocheting dreadlocks". As you might imagine, the...

Dreadlock FAQHvilken dreadlock shampoo skal jeg vælge?

Choose the right shampoo

Dreadlock Care 101: A Complete Guide to Shampooing and Washing Often the first challenge is the basic question: How do I wash my dreads and which shampoo should I use? Follow our guide that explore...

Dreadlock FAQHvordan og hvornår skal jeg vaske mine dreads?

How and how often to wash dreadlocks

How and when should I wash my dreadlocks? In the first three weeks, your dreadlocks will become very delicate and you will want to wash them either every 3 days or every 4 days. Pick a day and s...