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How to use a crochet hook for dreadlocks

Hvordan bruger man hæklenål til dreadlocks

So what does it mean to crochet dreadlocks?

People have started to use small crochet hooks to work with dreadlocks. The techniques used are called "crocheting dreadlocks". As you might imagine, the results have been mixed. There are a lot of tools that qualify as crochet hooks, they vary greatly in size and shape. The techniques used also vary. In a few short years, crocheting dreadlocks has gained a reputation for ruining dreadlocks – yet many professionals and dreadlock artists are able to get great results without damaging dreadlocks.

What is that? Is it good or bad to crochet dreadlocks?

The answer is never that easy? Crochet hooks are tools – the tool you use and the way you use it determine whether it's good or bad. Let's say you get the right tool and then use it in the right way so that you get nice tight clean dreads. But if you really wanted hairy, loose dreads…. so this tool is not for you even if you can use it well.

Crocheting Dreadlocks Made Simple, Safe and Effective!

If what you want to do is improve the way your dreads look while making them stronger, I can help you by providing the right dreadlocks crochet tool and the right crochet techniques. Here's how…

As soon as I learned about crocheting dreadlocks, I started testing and experimenting with different tools and techniques. At first I thought crochet was pretty cool and I thought I'd learn which hook worked best so I could recommend it.

By this time I had enough experience crocheting that I was sure the crochet hook was a great tool for dreadlocks.

Specially designed for crocheting dreadlocks, we have several crochet needles that are absolutely fantastic, comfortable to hold and come in several sizes so you can choose the one that suits your dreadlocks and experience best.

How to tighten your dreadlocks with a crochet hook

  • Start by locating the loose hair you want to work with.

  • Add Lock Powder and rub the hair in circular motions until you have a well-entangled ball of hair.

  • Then you are ready to work the hairball into the dreadlock. I prefer a crochet hook, but various other locking tools can also be used.

  • I always start with a slightly larger crochet hook 0.7-1.0 mm to get a little more hair into the dreadlock and save time. Carefully work the loose hair into the dreadlock from all angles.

  • When the loose hair is inside the dreadlock, I start to fine tune and tighten the dreadlock with a smaller crochet hook size 0.5 – 0.75 mm. Continue crocheting until you think the dreadlock is as even and tight as you want it.

  • Finish by rolling the dreadlock so that the new knots sit well inside the dreadlock. Use possibly Tightening Gel when you roll, it gives a good hold.


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