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How to make Dreadlocks

Hvordan laver man Dreadlocks

There are many ways to make Dreadlocks, there are different techniques that we will also describe in the section here. At the same time, all heads are different, with whorls and hair types so no method looks the same on everyone. Even dreadlock hairdressers develop their own expression of the methods in the field, preferably a mix of the different ones.

That's why this description is here, our best advice for you who are on the threshold of your dreadlock journey and need to start creating baby dreadlocks. We always recommend that you reach out to a professional in the field before embarking on this extensive transformation.

Tools and accessories we recommend, they can make the dreadlock process easier:

Comb - We use a steel comb, it has a tip that is also good for division.

Elastics - When you divide the hair into suitable tufts, you can advantageously keep track of them with small elastics.

Hair Clips - They are handy for keeping loose hair separate from your dreadlocks.

Crochet hook - whether you want to use a crochet hook is entirely up to you, this is the method we use as it effectively forms beautiful dreadlocks.

Locking powder, gel or spray - it can help make the dread process easier and speed up the maturing process afterwards, therefore do not need to be washed out. These are also products that are absorbed by the hair, unlike wax, which can form cakes that cannot be washed out.

All these products are sold on our site and if you have any doubts, you are welcome to contact us for advice.

Division is described under the section on extensions. We recommend that you place great emphasis on getting a correct division, this will make future maintenance easier.

Once the division is in place, there are different techniques for creating dreadlocks. It is a matter of taste based on your own abilities and hair type.

Crochet hook: For this technique, small crochet hooks are used to form small knots and shape them into dreadlocks. For some, this is the fastest and safest method, it creates firm and even dreadlocks. If you use the crochet hook incorrectly, you will find that your dreadlocks become thin and broken, so it is important that you have this technique completely under control. Otherwise, there is a danger that you will do more harm than good. When you master the technique, it is fast and effective and gives a fantastic result every time. This is also the technique we use in the shop for start-up and maintenance.

We recommend that you buy a crochet hook that is designed for the purpose.

Backcombing: Here you take a tuft of hair and make knots with a comb. You can shape the dread by twisting the tuft and rolling it to create knots. This method gives you tight knots and there is minimal risk of damaging the hair. However, it is difficult to get the right shape, and you lose a lot of length. But it is a good way to create knots in a tuft of hair which is then shaped by a crochet hook.

We recommend you buy a steel comb for the purpose.

The Twist and Rip method: This method is easy and straight forward, but it does require a little practice before you are a master.

Then you start with twist and rip, first you twist the tuft of hair half a turn at the bottom, hold it tight and then you separate the ends randomly and pull them apart. (you don't need to force the hair) Repeat the twist and the separation. You create friction between the two tufts which form knots.

When you have finished all the dreads, it is important to continue with palm rolling regularly so that the hair can dread up and remain round and beautiful. This method is especially good for those with afro.



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