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Removal of SE extensions

Sådan Fjerner og Plejer du Dine SE Dreadlocks Extensions

Removal and aftercare

A set of dreadlocks extensions can last a very long time and just grow out with the hair. BUT we recommend reinstalling them after about 3 months. Hair grows on average 1-2 cm per month and after 2-3 months the braid comes down so far that the hair at the bottom starts to make a real dreadlock. We want to avoid this completely as it is difficult to sort out and takes a long time.

To remove the dreadlock, you must have removed the elastic. This can easily be done with a paring knife and then the end of the braid must be pulled out of your extension, with e.g. the loos hair tool. The braid is then loosened and the dreadlock is taken out.

When all the dreadlocks are out, wash the hair before brushing or combing it. When it is washed and softened with conditioner in it you can start sliding your fingers through and when it feels smooth you can start brushing. Start from the tips and work your way up towards the bottom. When the hair is brushed and smooth, the conditioner can be rinsed out.

Afterwards, you wash your hair again with shampoo and make sure it lathers well so that you are sure that all the conditioner has been washed out.

Now you can give the hair a hair treatment.

You will lose a lot of hair when the extensions are removed

But you lose about 100 hairs a day whether you have dreads or not. Many of the hairs are stuck in the braid and therefore you will lose a lot of hair when you remove your dreads. It may look severe but is just the normal amount of hair loss.

You can use your dreadlocks extensions several times

We recommend that you detox your dreads after removing them.

If you follow the recommendations for detoxing dreadlocks, your extensions will be clean and ready for the next time they are used.


How far does it have to go before I can get them back in and why

You can put them back in straight away or you can give your hair a break. We recommend that you notice and need the scalp for a break, so respect it so that the scalp can recover and be ready for the next time. If you have no problems with scalps, you just put them back in.

With our dreadlocks extensions made of real hair, you can also cut off the loop and mount these extensions as an extension of your own dreadlocks, it all depends on what you feel like. If you would like to have extensions in as an extension of your own hair, we recommend that you start by reading about preparation for dreadlocks in your own hair.

After care for the scalp

When you have had dreadlocks for a long period of time, the scalp can become dry and irritated. That's why it's good to have a good cleansing shampoo such as Hydrating Shampoo from Raw Roots and a good conditioner. If your scalp is very dry, you can use an oil such as For example Dry Hair Revive - Hair Shot

Storage of Dreadlocks

If you want to take a break with dreadlocks, the most important thing is that they are dry before you put them away. A shoebox or something else is perfect. And then they can lie dry and protected until the next time you want to wear them.

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