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Hydrating Dreadlock ShampooHydrating Dreadlock Shampoo
Hydrating Dreadlock Shampoo Sale priceFrom 129,00 kr
Tightening Gel - Aloe ManukaTightening Gel - Aloe Manuka
Tightening Gel - Aloe Manuka Sale price149,00 kr
Scalp Rescue TonicScalp Rescue Tonic
Scalp Rescue Tonic Sale price129,00 kr
Dreadlock Hydrating OilDreadlock Hydrating Oil
Dreadlock Hydrating Oil Sale price149,00 kr
Exclusive Dry Locks and Scalp Care kit
Crochet hook with bamboo handleCrochet hook with bamboo handle
Crochet hook with bamboo handle Sale priceFrom 39,00 kr
Dreadlock Detox - Deep Cleansing BombDreadlock Detox - Deep Cleansing Bomb
Inflatable Tub for Detox and Washing
Bamboo Microfiber TowelBamboo Microfiber Towel
Bamboo Microfiber Towel Sale price229,00 kr
Sold out
Satin Lined Headband and Sleep TubeSatin Lined Headband and Sleep Tube