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What do I do about bumps and loops on my dreadlocks?

Hvad gør jeg ved bump og buler på min dreadlock?

Here are some maintenance suggestions for dreadlocks, utilizing threads and beads as tools:

  1. String/Thread: If you find bumps and bulges in your dreadlocks that are resistant to palm rolling or the crochet hook, consider using thread to address them. Wrapping threads around your dreadlocks can tighten and encourage them to mature in a specific shape, effectively countering these bumps. This not only aids in the maturation process but also adds a decorative touch. For those with relatively new dreadlocks, be attentive to their maturing phase and give them the extra care they need.

  2. Pearls/Cuffs: To address persistent bumps, placing a pearl or cuff can be beneficial. Your dreadlocks will conform to a flatter shape beneath the bead or cuff, aiding in the healing process. Keep in mind that jewelry can contribute to everyday wear and tear, so be sure to shift your accessories occasionally.

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