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What are weak spots and what do I do about them?

Hvad er weak spots og hvad gør jeg ved dem?

What are weak spots?

Everyday wear and tear can create weak points on your dreadlocks. Do you always sleep in the same position, spend a lot of time sitting in the car with your head against the headrest, maybe you are crazy about having a certain hairstyle? There are many everyday routines that can contribute to this challenge, almost all of us experience that weak points are created on our dreadlocks over time. These are points where the knots are not tight, there may be many straight hairs, perhaps many hairs are completely worn out. If you do not remedy this problem, your dreadlock will break.

What do I do?

Perhaps, the fear of your dreadlock breaking and falling off has become overwhelming. Fortunately, there's assistance available for such concerns, and addressing them early by combing your dreadlocks is a simpler solution.

In our salon, we address these vulnerable areas by using a crochet hook and loose hair. Ideally, using hair from your own brush is recommended for its texture and color compatibility. In situations where accessing your own loose hair is not possible, you can purchase real hair extensions from us.

To mend a weak point, roll a small tuft of hair between your palms and place it around the weak point on your dread. Gently work the tuft into your dreadlock using a crochet hook, adding a little hair at a time. Subsequently, palm rolling with a tightening spray or gel helps integrate the loose hair into your dreadlock and provides some hold.

If you're hesitant to perform this process on your own, feel free to reach out to our salon for a maintenance session, where we can assist you with the repair.

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