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How to apply dreadlock extensions?

Hvordan påsættes dreadlock Extensions af ægte hår
If you want extra length, fullness and a beautiful finish to your dreadlocks, applying real hair extensions can be the solution. 


Real Hair Dread Extensions

Adding length with extensions isn't just for those looking to start new dreadlocks. It can also be a great way to lengthen existing dreadlocks and give them extra weight, which counteracts loops and bumps. In addition to this added weight, dreadlock extensions also offer:


Nice Finish: Extensions create a new look and add extra dimension to your dreadlocks. Gives you new options for updos.
Long Lasting Solution: Once dreadlock extensions are properly installed and integrated into your existing dreadlocks, they don't need to be removed or reinstalled, they become a part of you.
Installing Dreadlock Extensions: Applying real hair dreadlock extensions requires care and precision. Your extension has an end with loose hair that needs to be blended in and integrated into your dreadlock, in a way that they work together.

Step-by-step guide

Using a Crochet Hook: Use a crochet hook to thread extensions into an existing dreadlock. This creates an intertwining that is hidden and looks natural. There must be loose hair at the end of your dreadlock which can be worked together with the loose hair in your extension.
Experience is Key: While it is recommended to have an experienced dreadmaker or hairstylist perform this process, you can also do it yourself if you feel comfortable doing it.
Number of Extensions: In general, a full hair extension requires around 50 dreadlock extensions. This number may vary, depending on the thickness of your hair and the desired fullness.
Open or Close the Tips: You can choose for yourself whether you want the tips of the dreadlock extensions to be closed and round or open for a more natural look. Open tips can also add extra length.


     Extensions Care

    Once your dreadlock extensions are properly installed, care is essential to maintain their beauty:

    Use the Right Shampoo: Use a shampoo developed for dreadlocks to ensure that both your natural hair and extensions are properly cared for. (See RAW ROOTs shampoo selection here)
    Conditioner Only Where Necessary: Only use conditioner on areas without dreadlocks for easier brushing, and avoid applying conditioner directly to your dreadlocks.
    Palm roll: Preferably with tightening gel or spray at the junction of your dreadlock and extension. (Here we can offer our Aloe Manuka - Tightening Gel or Our Tightening Spray)

    By choosing real hair extensions for your dreadlocks, you not only get the desired look, but also the possibility to color and style as with your natural hair. Some have also successfully installed synthetic extensions in their own hair permanently. But synthetic hair doesn't work, so it can be difficult to get it to stick properly. At the same time, your own hair may take on a completely different expression over time than the extension that is stuck in it.

    Whether you're at the beginning of your dreadlocks journey or looking to revamp your existing style, real hair dreadlock extensions are a great way to add personality and length to your look. So embrace the possibilities, choose quality and enjoy your unique dreadlock style!

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