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Dry Shampoo & Lock PowderDry Shampoo & Lock Powder
Dry Shampoo & Lock Powder Sale price119,00 kr
Tightening Gel - Aloe ManukaTightening Gel - Aloe Manuka
Tightening Gel - Aloe Manuka Sale price149,00 kr
Dreadlock Tightening SprayDreadlock Tightening Spray
Dreadlock Tightening Spray Sale price149,00 kr
Scalp Rescue TonicScalp Rescue Tonic
Scalp Rescue Tonic Sale price129,00 kr
Refreshing Mist
Refreshing Mist Sale price149,00 kr
Creeps Tincture (For Lice)Creeps Tincture (For Lice)
Creeps Tincture (For Lice) Sale price129,00 kr
Dreadlock Hydrating OilDreadlock Hydrating Oil
Dreadlock Hydrating Oil Sale price149,00 kr
De-Greasing Hair Shot - Oil treatmentDe-Greasing Hair Shot - Oil treatment
Dry Hair and Scalp Revive - Luxurious Oil Treatment
Lush Oil Shot - Argan and Sesame 100ML
Conditioner BarConditioner Bar
Conditioner Bar Sale price119,00 kr
Organic Shea ButterOrganic Shea Butter
Organic Shea Butter Sale priceFrom 45,00 kr
Travel bottles for refilling
Travel bottles for refilling Sale price69,00 kr