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How to make curls in dreadlocks

Sådan laver du krøller i dreadlocks

How to make curls in dreadlocks

Before you get started, you will get a few tips about the curlers, the smaller the curler you choose, the tighter your curl will be.

Never ever use Velcro rolls. In fact, you should stay away from anything that is not completely smooth. We like flexible foam coils that come in many sizes and lengths and can be easily secured without pins or clips.

A hairnet is useful if you plan to air-dry your hair (available at any pharmacy or Personal care stores). It will hold your hair in place without restricting airflow.

If you don't have curlers you have to improvise! Soda cans, toilet / kitchen rolls or braids can be used.

Have fun experimenting!


You will need:

  • Spray bottle (if you don't plan to start out with freshly washed/damp dreads)
  • Curlers/Coils
  • Tightening Gel/spray


Step 1
Start with damp (not wet) hair, apply a small amount of Tightening Gel/spray to a few dreads. This will give your curls some hold with the added bonus of helping to keep your dreads tight.


Step 2

Wrap a few dreads around your curlers down to the root (depending on what you're using, you may only be able to do a few at a time) and tie them securely or clip them in place. Continue until all your dreads are rolled up and wrapped.


Step 3

If you are lucky enough to own a drying helmet, you can side down until your dreads are dry all the way through. If you don't own one, you can also wait and let them air dry or use a hand dryer on a low setting. The weight of a still damp dread will pull the curl out so make sure your hair is completely dry before rolling it out. Then the tightening spray/gel also gives the best hold.


Step 4

After you've dried your dreads carefully and packed away your curlers you can now enjoy all those bouncy curly dreads!

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