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Here you will find information about dreadlocks, how they are made, maintained, as well as guidance on using natural dreadlock products.

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Tips & tricks

Help my itchy scalp!

A Vinegar Rinse will help treat an itchy and irritated scalp, while removing build-up from the hair follicles and helping to restore the scalp's natural pH level. Deeply cleanses your scalp and d...

Tips & tricksHvad gør jeg ved bump og buler på min dreadlock?

What do I do about bumps and loops on my dreadlocks?

Here are some maintenance suggestions for dreadlocks, utilizing threads and beads as tools: String/Thread: If you find bumps and bulges in your dreadlocks that are resistant to palm rolling or ...

Tips & tricksHvad er weak spots og hvad gør jeg ved dem?

What are weak spots and what do I do about them?

What are weak spots? Everyday wear and tear can create weak points on your dreadlocks. Do you always sleep in the same position, spend a lot of time sitting in the car with your head against the h...

Tips & tricksSådan laver du krøller i dreadlocks

How to make curls in dreadlocks

How to make curls in dreadlocks Before you get started, you will get a few tips about the curlers, the smaller the curler you choose, the tighter your curl will be. Never ever use Velcro rolls...

Tips & tricksFlade dreadlocks, hvad gør jeg?

Flat dreadlocks, what do I do?

My dreads are flat! How can I fix them? Flatness is to be expected with new dreads, usually experienced in the morning after sleeping on them. You don't have to worry about it if your dreads ...

Tips & tricksHvordan finder jeg den rette beads størrelse?

How do I find the right bead size?

We often get the question “what size beads will fit my dreads?” This guide will help you so you know exactly what size bead to order. How to measure the thickness of your dreadlock: You tw...

Dreadlock FAQGuide til Lus i Dreadlocks: Sådan Bekæmper og Forebygger du Lus i dine Dreads

How to remove lice in dreadlocks?

I have lice in my dreadlocks, should I cut them off? No, you don't need that at all! If you are unlucky and have lice in your dreadlocks, do not despair and cut them off. There are some methods t...