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3 good products when you need to make Dreadlocks

3 gode produkter når du skal lave Dreadlocks

Figuring out which products you need when starting a new set of dreadlocks can be quite a jungle. We have put together a recommendation for the products we ourselves use in the salon.

Our recommendations:

1. RAW ROOTs Dry Shampoo & Lock Powder: A perfect combination of natural and organic ingredients designed to absorb excess oil, texturize and lock dreadlocks. Lock powder adds texture and grip during the start-up phase, making the dreading process easier and faster.

2. RAW ROOTs Tightening Spray: Tightening Spray contains aloe vera and sea salt which gives texture to the hair, so it feels like after a day at the sea. When you palm roller with tightening spray, loose flyaway hair is tamed and dreadlock processes are intensified so that the new dreadlocks mature faster. Also gives a hold to the new dreadlocks so they can get used to their new shape.

3. RAW ROOT's Tightening Gel- Aloe Manuka: This Tightening Gel naturally tightens dreadlocks with the help of organically certified aloe vera, which provides a good hold and together with Manuka, the hair is cared for in depth and kept healthy. Used for palm rolling, it helps shape your dreadlocks and accelerates the maturing process.

If your scalp reacts strongly to having dreadlocks made, we can recommend RAW ROOT's Scalp Rescue Tonic.

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