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Partial Dreadlocks: A Unique Fusion of Style and Versatility

Let's explore what partial dreadlocks are all about and how you can rock this unique combination of loose hair and dreadlocks.

What are Partial Dreadlocks?

Partial dreadlocks are when you combine dreadlocks with loose hair. This creates a contrast and an exciting, mixed look. Partial dreadlocks are often seen with loose bangs or on the top of the head, while dreadlocks adorn the neck or back of the head.

One of the reasons some choose partial dreadlocks is to get the best of both worlds. You can style your loose hair as usual and at the same time enjoy the benefits of dreadlocks when you want to tie your hair up or create amazing updos. Some also think that it is easier to maintain as your dreadlocks are not quite as visually dominant as if you had a full head of dreadlocks.

How to Style Partial Dreadlocks

When choosing partial dreadlocks, it is important to maintain clear sections between the dreaded and the loose hair. This prevents the two textures from entangling each other and creating unwanted matted dreadlocks.

You can experiment with different styles, such as letting loose hair fall over the dreadlocks at the nape of the neck or create a natural transition by having every other section as a dreadlock and the other as loose hair. However, remember to brush the loose hair daily to avoid tangling problems.

Maintenance of Partial Dreadlocks

When it comes to washing and grooming, it's important to use a shampoo specifically designed for dreadlocks. The same shampoo can also be used on loose hair. However, use conditioner only on the areas that do not have dreadlocks to make brushing easier.

When washing partial dreadlocks, it's a good idea to split the process. Wash the loose hair first and then secure the dreaded sections with an elastic or clip while continuing to wash the loose hair or vice versa.

Partial is a good versatile solution

This style gives you the freedom to experiment with different looks while still maintaining the uniqueness of dreadlocks. So why not try something new and let your style flourish with partial dreadlocks? It's time to embrace the best of both worlds and create your own unique expression.

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