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Flat dreadlocks, what do I do?

Flade dreadlocks, hvad gør jeg?

My dreads are flat! How can I fix them?

Flatness is to be expected with new dreads, usually experienced in the morning after sleeping on them. You don't have to worry about it if your dreads are good and the sections are quite square, they will eventually grow round.

You help your dreadlocks by palm rolling them around in the morning when you get up, preferably use a tightening spray or gel.

Pay attention to the knots in your dreads, they must sit very close so that your dreadlock does not split between your fingers. if you feel that some of your dreadlocks have a lot of straight hair and not so many knots, you need to have them fixed. It can be done with a crochet hook, preferably professionally if that is an option.

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