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What is the No Poo method

Hvad er No Poo metoden

Until the late 19th century, people were recommended to wash their hair once a month. Decades later, the first synthetic shampoo was developed and this helped make it more normal to wash hair every two weeks. In the years leading up to the 1970s, however, it was still widespread to wash the hair in a shampoo once a year, and the daily washing of hair only became the norm during the 1970s.

Historically, people have been used to not washing their hair with shampoo, or at least not very often.

The shampoo's effect on the hair

Shampoos on the market today may be milder than previous formulas, but they can still be too harsh on the natural balance of the scalp.

Hair contains natural oil, called sebum, which is essential for hair to stay moisturized and healthy. Frequent washing, combined with some of the harsh chemicals in shampoo, strips away the natural oils and can leave your hair in poorer shape.

The No Poo Movement

So how do you remove excess oil build-up from e.g. training, styling and daily life?

Recently, a new movement has started: the "No Poo Method" for a shampoo-free and natural hair.


The theory behind "No Poo" is this: By washing hair with a mild alternative to shampoo, such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar or just water, you'll achieve clean hair without the damage or dependency of daily shampooing.

In summary, rather than permitting the chemicals in shampoo to remove your hair's natural oils, opt to eliminate the chemicals and discontinue the use of shampoo altogether.

Skeptical? - No Poo actually works!

Certainly! People naturally harbor doubts, of course. The daily routine of shampooing is crucial to fend off grease and oil, ensuring that hair remains free from an unpleasant, disgusting feel.

The sebaceous glands in the hair are programmed to increase sebum secretion when they detect dryness. Excessive shampooing eliminates the hair's natural conditioning, prompting the oil glands to overcompensate and generate more sebum to restore what was removed. This can lead to an excess of sebum, resulting in a "greasy" look, thereby encouraging individuals to use more shampoo, perpetuating a cycle.

So what can I use to clean my hair easily when I can't use shampoo?

Choose a No Poo Detox

For a deep cleansing , the Detox kit is a good choice.

You get both the deep cleansing bomb made of baking soda, astringent witch hazel water and organic essential oils from tea tree and rosemary.
And to finish the treatment, a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar must be rinsed through the hair so that the pH balance is neutralized and the hair's cuticle is closed.


Not ready to go 100% No Poo?

Raw Roots Shampoo is made of mild soap substances and without sulfates, so if you are not ready to go completely shampoo-free, these can easily help for a healthy scalp.

Hydrating Shampoo for Sensitive and dry scalp.

Herbal Cleanser for normal and oily scalp.

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