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Hvad gør jeg ved bump og buler på min dreadlock?
Tips & tricks

What do I do about bumps and loops on my dreadlocks?

Here are some maintenance suggestions for dreadlocks, utilizing threads and beads as tools: String/Thread: If you find bumps and bulges in your dreadlocks that are resistant to palm rolling or ...

Product GuideHvad er No Poo metoden

What is the No Poo method

Until the late 19th century, people were recommended to wash their hair once a month. Decades later, the first synthetic shampoo was developed and this helped make it more normal to wash hair ever...

Tips & tricksHvad er weak spots og hvad gør jeg ved dem?

What are weak spots and what do I do about them?

What are weak spots? Everyday wear and tear can create weak points on your dreadlocks. Do you always sleep in the same position, spend a lot of time sitting in the car with your head against the h...

Product GuideHvad er PH Balance og hvorfor er det vigtigt?

What is PH Balance and why is it important?

You need to make sure the products you use are ph balanced as this can mean the difference between dry, dull hair or healthy, shiny hair. If, for example, your shampoo has the wrong ph balance, it...

Product GuideHvad er sulfat og hvad gør det ved håret?

What is sulfate and what does it do to the hair?

Sulfates are one of the most common ingredients in cleaning products, and they play a vital role in removing oil and dirt from everything from your car to your skin and hair. These powerful cleanse...

Tips & tricksSådan laver du krøller i dreadlocks

How to make curls in dreadlocks

How to make curls in dreadlocks Before you get started, you will get a few tips about the curlers, the smaller the curler you choose, the tighter your curl will be. Never ever use Velcro rolls...

Dreadlock FAQDreadlocks: En Rejse gennem Historien og Kulturen af Filtreret Hår.

What are dreadlocks

Dreadlocks: A Journey Through the History and Culture of Dreadlocks Dreadlocks, known for their distinctive dense and braided appearance, have a fascinating history that spans many cu...

Extensions GuideGuide til påsætning: Dreadlock Extensions af Ægte Hår

How to apply dreadlock extensions?

Guide to Applying and Care of Real Hair Dreadlock Extensions Dreadlocks are not just a hairstyle; it is a way of life and a form of self-expression. If you want extra length, fullness and a beauti...

Extensions GuideHvordan påsættes SE (Single ended) Dreadlock Extensions

How to install SE (Single ended) Dreadlock Extensions

Installing dreadlock extensions is a process that requires care and precision to achieve the desired result. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install dreadlock extensions: Materials you need:...

Product GuideDøjer du med en tør og irriteret hovedbund?

Do you suffer from a dry and irritated scalp?

Winter Dreadlock Care: Keep Your Locks Healthy and Hydrated Winter weather can be harsh on both skin and hair, and dreadlocks are no exception. Here are a few tips to keep your dreadlocks healthy ...